Aspen Fuel

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We are now an approved vender of Aspen Fuel. Aspen Fuel is up to 99% cleaner than regular fuel. Better for people, machines and the environment. Aspen Fuel for everything from lawnmowers, chainsaws, snow blowers, etc.

Aspen Fuel 2

Aspen 2 Fuel

Aspen 2 is an effective fuel for different types of air-cooled two-stroke engines. By cooperating closely with professionals using these type of products, we have developed an alkylate petrol that has the lowest environmental impact and a considerably better working environment for the user.

Aspen 2 is ready-mixed with 2% environmentally-adapted Aspen two-stroke oil.

Aspen 2 is more and less free from harmful components such as benzene and toluene. Cleaner exhaust gases during use produces cleaner air and reduced health risks for the users.

Aspen Fuel 4

Aspen 4 Fuel

Aspen 4 is an effective fuel for different types of four-stroke engines. Alkylate petrol has been developed in association with commercial users to give the lowest possible environmental impact and a better working environment.

Aspen 4 is a purer fuel, free from harmful components such as benzene, lead and toluene. This minimizes harmful environmental effects and health risks for the user.

The engine is kept cleaner resulting in better efficiency and smoother running.